White Label
Web Design Services
We’ll design a flawless website for your clients AND we’ll rank it. All while you focus on scaling your business and making more money.
Make Searchives your web design partner and we’ll give you the skills, expertise, and SEO experience you need to offer your clients breathtaking websites under your own brand.
Unlike the white label web design partners you’ve had in the past, Searchives will give you a direct roadmap to ranking it in the SERP.
Our skills +
Our Code +
Your Logo
more Free Time,
Happier Clients,
more Profits.
The White Label Web Design Company

for Agencies and Professionals

Searchives partners with companies ranging from SEO agencies that need a design department without the overhead costs to design professionals looking to expand their portfolio and save time.

Only interested in SEO? If you don’t need Web Design, only SEO, check our SEO Packages
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Doesn’t matter if you’re a million dollar agency or freelancer who wants to add web design, when you outsource website design to us, our team will seamlessly integrate into your operation.

We become your in-house web design, marketing, and SEO team.
The final result has your logo on it, and all you had to do was pass a bit of information our way.

Web Design Packages
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Our white label services are perfect for:
For Busy Agencies
As a busy agency owner, we know your challenges because we’ve lived them. To be successful in today’s dynamic marketing landscape, you’ve got to:
Offer a full range of services to appeal to new clients
Focus more on scaling your business instead of doing grunt work and managing projects
Streamline internal processes to increase efficiency
And all the while trying to maximize profits and minimize overhead costs.
Searchives web design team is exactly what you need. We’ll be your secret web design team so you can keep internal costs down, increase your efficiency, and provide a better product.
Lone Wolf Marketers

We bet you’re a genius at what you do. For lone wolf SEOs, you know you’ve got to focus on what you do best.

Bring us on and we’ll enable you to offer a full spectrum of services so you can start earning more money while working less than you ever have.

Web Design
Personal Web
Starting with $599
Silver Logo Package
Design and Development using Wordpress theme
Unlimited Revisions
Speed Optimization
SEO Optimized
Keyword Research (optional)
Business Web
Starting with $999
Gold Logo Package
Custom/Unique Design
Unlimited Revisions
Speed Optimization
SEO Optimized
Keyword Research (optional)
Logo Design
Gold Package
Starting with $149
High Quality Logo
2 Concepts
Unlimited Revisions
Brand Identity Package
Starting with $299
High Quality Logo
2 Concepts
Unlimited Revisions
Concept Story
Social Media Design
Infographic Design
10 data points, infographics, stats, graphics
If you want to reach a greater audience, you have to speak visually. Plain words don’t do the trick anymore.
We Build Your Client’s Sites AND RANK THEM!
We are more than just designers, UX specialists, and programers.
We take an SEO approach to everything we do. So not only will we design an incredible website complete with the latest UX, usability, design, and navigation techniques, we’ll actually show you how to rank the dang thing so you don’t have to do any work!
Not many companies can say that. Along with your website, when you outsource web design to us, you’ll get:
Keyword Research
We’ll dive deep into the keywords your client’s sites need to rank for in the SERP, including scoping out the competition and creating a plan to rank for even the toughest terms. You know how excruciating it is to waste time plugging keywords into god knows what tool when you just want to be focusing on your business.
We’ll make your life WAY MORE TOLERABLE.
On-Site Optimization Plan
Having a plan is awesome. Even if you’re an SEO magician, spending time to create a plan to show your clients or give your team is not something you want to be wasting time on.
Let us handle that too.
Our Process
We’ll dive in head first and seamlessly integrate your client’s info into the Borg. Resistance is futile. Goals, target audience, hopes, dreams...EVERYTHING.
The best laid plans of mice and men often...blah blah. Not ours. We create a roadmap, share it with you, and follow it step by step while carefully evaluating each measure we take.
This is where the magic happens. Our results speak for themselves.
From there, our expert design teams get to developing your site, consistently modifying it based on detailed feedback rounds. Once you’ve launched, we’ll man the walls and stand guard, maintaining the site as long as you need us.
Are you ready to take your web design to the next level?
Searchives white label web design services are exactly what you’re looking for.