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Organic relationships. No PBNs. REAL sites with REAL traffic—this isn’t your average guest blogging service.
Searchives is not a guest post service like the ones you’re used to…and that’s a very good thing…
We don’t care about link quantity, low-traffic sites, spam, or fake audiences. You’ll never find a dirty PBN link surprise in your link profile. And you’ll never find your content on an irrelevant site “just because.”
Real, authentic, handcrafted
This is a guest post service the way Google intended.
—we LOVE getting our hands dirty.
How do we know what works? Because we’ve lived it and breathed it the entire time we’ve been in this business. You get natural, casually placed links on authentic, high-DA sites that we hand select for your company.
And we handle everything starting at just $99
Outreach Guest Post Experts
If we were to tell you why so many guest blogging services were spam, we’d be preaching to the choir. You already know. Fake audiences, PBNs, unethical practices, links just for the sake of links—that’s the kind of link building that isn’t actually “building” anything.
Not this one. This service is the brainchild of SEO experts and link building pros with years of experience placing clients on the kind of high-authority blogs that businesses need to gain exposure, increase their rankings, and drive natural inbound leads.
When looking for a partner site to host your content, we consid
Domain Authority
Traffic (we cut out sites with less than 500 monthly visits for new sites and 1000 monthly visits for old sites)
Topical Relevance
Current Content Quality

We’ve painstakingly crafted a growing list of blogs and cultivated deep business ties with webmasters across dozens of niches.

Not to mention that our database is one of the largest on the web and expanding by the day.

And much more...
We’re 100% sure you’ll love who we choose for you, but you are always in control of your outreach guest post. If you don’t like our choice, feel free to request a replacement. Remember, there are no surprises here.
Guest Post Services Done for You
What you get from Searchives
Link building is HARD. Some say it’s the bane of every SEO’s existence. We wouldn’t go that far, but some days we feel that way. Maintaining a blog database, reaching out to potential partners, and negotiating guest posting is tedious and time-consuming…and we haven’t even started talking about creating the content yet.
Searchives takes control of your outreach. In fact, partnering
In fact, partnering with us is like having your own outreach department in-house. We handle everything. When we say we get it done for you, we mean it.
In-Depth Research:
Our process starts by understanding your business goals and niche so we can find the perfect partner for your content, budget, and goals.
Let Us Find Your Ideal Prospect:
We’ll pore over every metric to find your ideal match. If they aren’t in our database for some reason, we’ll find them and add them
We’ll Give Them an Elevator Pitch They Can’t Refuse:
Guest posting is a win-win, and we know how to convince prospects to host your content.
We Put our Copywriting Department to Work for You:
We’ve got dreamers, thinkers, and wordsmiths waiting to craft some killer content that will drive inbound leads to your sites
Level 1
Starting with$99
Guest Post
DA 10+
Real Sites with Real Traffic
Native English Speaker Writers
Level 2
Starting with$129
Guest Post
DA 10+
Real Sites with Real Traffic
Native English Speaker Writers
Level 3
Starting with$169
Guest Post
DA 10+
Real Sites with Real Traffic
Native English Speaker Writers
Level 4
Starting with$219
Guest Post
DA 10+
Real Sites with Real Traffic
Native English Speaker Writers
Why Searchives?
You might be used to spammers, but there are actually a lot of great guest blogging services out there. However, there’s only one Searchives.
The difference between us and the services you’re used to? We don’t care about theories or fancy metrics here. It’s all 100% science. We do what works...and the devil is in the details.
We work a bit differently here.
Stringent Requirements
All of our partners must meet strict SEO metrics requirements, including DA, traffic, and other qualitative guidelines.
Real Audiences
There’s nothing fake about the sites we partner with. Their audiences are real, engaged, and targeted to your site’s niche.
We Work Directly With You
Our communication is second to none and we work side by side with you throughout the process. We share our thoughts with you before securing placement, meaning you get the final say no matter what.
High-Quality Articles
Just because we’ve secured placement doesn’t mean our work is done. We do in-depth keyword research to find the best keywords and topics to write on and put our native copywriters to work writing engaging, informative copy.
Guaranteed Placement. No Surprises
A guarantee is worth its weight in gold. If for some reason a partner can’t deliver on placement, we’ll find you a better opportunity. And you’ll never be disappointed by a low-quality link.
Ready to work with us?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
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